January 18, 2010


Kebetulan singgah kat blog ni ternampaklah pasal GA dia. cute sgt rose kat GA dia tu.

1. For this giveaway, only my followers are eligible, so if u aren't one of them, bcome one now.
dah jad follower

2. This giveaway is open to those who resides anyway in Malaysia only.
mmg org Mesia pun :)

3. Winners will be picked by using random generator and to increase your chance of winning, yu can do any of the following:

- leave a comment on this post ONLY = 1 entry
dah buat
-Blog about it = 2 entries (you have to come banck here and inform me in this post ONLY. so that i can check and verify)
dah buat

giveaway ends this coming 28th Jan. 2010.

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